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The central storage area "MyDrive" with a maximum of 100 GB space is available to all HZB employees for the storage of personal business data.


Access to MyDrive

MyDrive is automatically integrated into all common HZB systems. Direct access is also possible via \\basisit.de\MyDrive\xyz, where xyz must be replaced by your personal username.

You will find MyDrive:

  • on the terminal server and vPC as "Documents" folder
  • on the Windows client as drive MyDrive (M:)
  • [ on Linux Client (future) ]

In addition, MyDrive can also be integrated as an "external path" in the HZB cloud service nubes and thus also be accessed from outside the HZB.



The MyDrive storage is located on a Windows file cluster in the HZB, consisting of 2 servers, on a mirrored SAN disk and is therefore highly available. There is a daily central data backup, the backups are kept for 6 months. In addition, previous versions are stored 3 times a day and are available for approx. 3 weeks.