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Home directories

Access to your personal home directory

  • Windows: \\home.helmholtz-berlin.de\xyz (e.g. via "connect network drive"),
  • Linux/macOS: Directory in the file tree /net/home/xyz

xyz stands for your personal HZB identification.

Data storage

Everyone who has an HZB identification has his home directory for central data storage. By default, 20 GByte of space is reserved for each user. You can check the currently used space here. If you need to store larger amounts of data centrally, please choose another data storage option.

Home directories are offered via a hierarchical file system on a Storage Area Network (SAN) with approx. 10 TB primary storage space and are subject to daily central data backup.

All HZB standard-compilant Linux systems (with the exception of the HPC cluster dirac, which uses local home directories under /home) also store personal configuration files of various programs there, mostly as hidden files or directories (these then start with a dot). You should not delete these files if you do not know exactly how and when they are needed!

Access rights

The access rights to your home directory were set in the past so that everyone can read and only you can write, delete and create. Since July 2017, the default access rights for all newly created files and folders have been set so that nobody but the owner is allowed to read or write. Existing permissions are retained.


If data is to be made available to a group of employees, we will, if necessary, create also file server or group directories.

When using Linux systems, there may in rare cases be problems with so-calles file locks (instructions for remedy). For example, your applications no longer start (e.g. Thunderbird, Firefox) or behave very strangely.