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Etherpad is a web-based text editor for collaborative text editing. With Etherpad, multiple people can edit a text document simultaneously, with all changes immediately visible to all participants. The changes of the different authors can be distinguished by color. Another convenient feature is the ability to chat alongside text editing in the editing window.

Further features (selection):

  • Texts can be imported and exported e.g. as Word, PDF, HTML, Plain Text.
  • The Etherpad can be adapted to your own needs by various settings.
  • A table of content with jump navigation for a better overview can be generated automatically from formatted headlines.
  • Texts can be marked with comments.
  • Changes and revisions of the Etherpad are traceable with the help of a history function.
  • Author colors are freely selectable. Color markings can also be removed again.


Setup / Access

To set up an Etherpad, please go to the -> UserApp (Login with Web/Intranet-account) and set up a new Etherpad project at the end on the UserApp page. The setup is automated and done immediately as a self-service without manual approvals.

As the new "responsible person", you can then add further users (HZB employees and external users) to the project in the UserApp.

The link to your configured Etherpad can also be found in the UserApp.

The login to Etherpad is done with the HZB account.

For very long and large etherpads, please use Firefox.