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Digitally signing Word-documents

This guide illustrates the necessary steps in Microsoft Word (Office365).

Specify signature fields

To digitally sign a Word document with your e-mail certificate, a signature field for the digital signature must be created for each required signature.

Move the cursor to the position in your text where you want the signature to appear. Click "Insert" and then click "Microsoft Office Signature Line..." in the Text section.

In the "Signature Setup" window you can optionally enter the name of the suggested signer, his position and his e-mail address and confirm with OK. This is only a non-binding suggestion, which is intended to indicate who should use which signature field, especially in the case of multiple signatures. The signature field created with this can also be used by other persons for electronic signing.

This way, you can also create multiple signature fields. Once the document is saved, no more signature fields for digital signatures can be added afterwards.

Then save and close the document. If you want other people to sign the document, you can now send it to them.

Electronically sign a Word document

If the Word document is now opened again, the yellow SIGNATURES line appears. Click there on "View Signatures...".

Select "Sign..." in the right window.

On the right pane, you will see all the signatures provided for which signature fields have been created.

In the "Sign" window, you can use "Select Image..." to insert an image (JPG) of your signature for visual representation. The actual digital signature is invisible.

In the displayed "Select Signature Image" window, find a previously saved image of your signature, select it and open it with "Open".

For the actual electronic signature you need your digital e-mail certificate. To select your certificate that you want to use for signing, click "Change...".

Finally, click on "Sign".

Now your document is displayed with the yellow line "SIGNED AS FINAL".

IMPORTANT: The document has been saved automatically and must not be saved again.

Verify the signature of a digitally signed Word document

Open the digitally signed Word document. You will see the yellow SIGNATURES line. To get more information about the existing signature, click "View Signatures..." and then "View...".