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use of document object identifiers (doi) for online documents

Online documents like

  • publications ("grey literature")
  • supplementary information to publications
  • research data

which you keep on HZB servers for permanent access by you and others can be given a permanent home at a unique address by their association with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

A DOI for an online document is defined once and for all and stays with the document in the case that such document moves to another server, i.e. get another URL address. Any change of address is announced to the registration authority for DOIs . A user who searches or adresses a document by its unique DOI is not affected by any physical move of the digital data.

In support of the use of DOI the library is registered as a data center and has aquired DOIs for use by anyone at HZB. Online documents like HZB reports which are issued with help by the library are attributed DOI. If you have online documents in one of the catagories mentioned above you can also get DOIs from the pool of numbers managed by the library.

With any DOI and the help of a DOI resolver service any document can be retrieved (at least a landing page pointing to it). There are some DOI resolvers in the web, the most well known is http://dx.doi.org . The alternative resolver http://doai.io tries to point to free sources first. The DOI doi:10.5442/E0001 will be prefixed with the resolver URL to the link http://doai.io/10.5442/E0001. It uses the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) for free content. This engine contains over 90 millions documents now.

For getting a DOI, please, give us any necessary information (metadata) like title, author(s), year of generation, URL address and optionally more details. We register your document with DataCite, a registration authority for online documents, and notify you about the doi number of your document.