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Energy materials

Energy materials refers to more than just solar cells that produce electricity from sunlight. Solar fuels, thermoelectric materials and topological insulators are just a few of them. These are materials that store or convert energy, or which can be used to develop new and energy-efficient information technology.

Perovskite is the new wonder material and the big hit in photovoltaic research. And because they complement silicon perfectly, perovskite and silicon can be used to develop super-efficient tandem cells. (ger)


Hydrogen produced with light: HZB researchers have developed a new semiconducting structure, which uses sunlight to split water and produce hydrogen. See, how this structure is produced.


Movements in solar cells: How does the electric charge move within a solar cell and how can the efficiency of the cells be improved?


Example of a random fractal microtopography on Si(100)

13.40 s

The video clip shows a complex solar cell with a so-called superstrate structure. This cell works like an "artificial leaf", using sunlight to split water and produce hydrogen gas. (ger)


Example of a regular fractal microtopography on Si(100)

7.00 s