• Manley, P.; Song, M.; Burger, S.; Schmid, M.: Efficient determination of bespoke optically active nanoparticle distributions. Journal of Optics 20 (2018), p. 085003/1-11

Open Accesn Version

We provide a computational method for quickly determining the correct distribution of optically active nanoparticles for a desired response. This is achieved by simulating the optical response of single nanoparticles and performing a statistical averaging over different sizes. We find good agreement between experiment and theory for the transmission, reflectance and absorption of both an ordered and disordered array. By repeating the simulation for different particle distributions, we show that the method is capable of accurately predicting the correct nanoparticle distribution for a desired optical response. We provide a referential graph for predicting the optical response of different Ag nanoparticle distributions on a glass substrate, which can be extended to other substrate and particle materials, and particle shapes and sizes.