• Hartwig, S.; Prokes, K.; Hansen, T.; Ritter, C.; Gerke, B.; Poettgen, R.; Mydosh, J.A.; Foerster, T.: Complex antiferromagnetic structure in the intermediate-valence intermetallic Ce2RuZn4. Physical Review B 92 (2015), p. 024420/1-8


Neutron powder diffraction experiments were performed on the intermediate-valence Ce2RuZn4 intermetallic compound and combined with magnetic bulk measurements including high magnetic field experiments up to 58 T. Previous theoretical studies suggest that only one (here Ce1) out of two inequivalent Ce sites is magnetically active. Ce2RuZn4 orders antiferromagnetically at T-N = 2.3 K. The magnetic structure is characterized by an incommensurate propagation vector q(m) = (0.384, 0.384, 1/2). Assuming that the Ce2 site does not carry any substantial moment, Ce1 magnetic moments are confined to the (110)-type planes and transversely modulated with an amplitude of 1.77(3) mu(B).