Röseler, A.; Schade, U.: Polarizing interferometer for the unambiguous determination of the ellipsometric parameters. Applied Optics 59 (2020), p. 6619-6624
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We report on a polarizing interferometer-ellipsometer arrangement that overcomes the need for additional mea- surements with a retarder for the unambiguous determination ofthe ellipsometric parameters in the far infrared spectral range. It consists ofa Martin–Puplett interferometer and a wire-grid polarizer as an analyzer. The appli- cation ofsuch interferometer-ellipsometer is experimentally demonstrated on a polyethylene sample deriving the refractive index and the thickness in the spectral range between 15 and 35 cm−1. Based on these results, a similar solution withoutaretarder for the mid-infrared spectral region is additionallyproposed. Published