14.5T Cryomagnet with VTI or 3He Stick

Versatile low temperature system for high resolution caloric measurements, low temperature dielectric constant, resistivity and magnetization measurements. 

The cryogenic system consists of a Oxford Instruments 14.5 T magnet and a 3He insert. The measurement options were designed and constructed by the instrument responsibles which allows for a broad adaptability of both the hardware and the measurement software. The system is mainly dedicated to high resolution caloric measurements at temperatures between 280 mK and 20 K. For heat capacity measurements different techniques like quasi-adiabatic heat pulse, pulse relaxation and continuous cooling and heating can be applied. Magnetocaloric measurements are performed by the quantitative quasi-isothermal  magnetocaloric effect method. The systems typical resolution for caloric measurements is about 0.1%. The setup can also be used for low temperature measurements of dielectric constant, electric resistivity and with some restrictions for magnetization. 

measurement options

MagCal CM-14.5T 3He, HeatCap CM-14.5T 3He, Res CM-14.5T 3He, Dielectric CM-14.5T 3He

Technical data
Room LS113
Magnetic field (min-max) 14.5T
Temperature (min-max) 0.28K..300K
max. size of sample