Focusing Powder Diffractometer

E6 uses a horizontally and vertically bent monochromator [1] and an in-pile fan collimator [2, 3]. The fan collimator imitats a vertical slit with adjustable distance to the monochromator. This diffraction geometry achieves a focusing in reciprocal space. At medium resolution, the neutron flux is increased by a factor of two compared with diffractometers that use standard Soller collimators.

Instrument Data
Beam tube T4
Collimation in-pile:adjustable fan or 15' soller or 30' soller
Monochromator PG (002) with adjustable curvature (horizontally, vertically)
Take off angle of monochromator 41°
Wave length λ = 0.24 nm
Flux 5·106 n/cm2s
(double focusing at sample position and with open collimation)
Range of scattering angles 5° < 2Θ < 140°
Angle resolution
Range of lattice spacing
d resolution Δd/d ~ 0.01
Sample size height: 30mm
diameter: <8mm
Detector two area detectors (300mm*300mm)
oscillating radial collimator for background reduction
Polarized neutrons no
Instrument options
Sample environment 0.5K-1000K
up to 12T