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HZB guidelines for doctoral researchers and advisors

HZB has defined a mandatory framework (HZB doctoral guidelines), that ensures a high quality and structured doctoral training. With those, the scientific advisors as well as further relevant bodies at HZB commit to a transparency with the aim to generate a positive outcome for all persons involved. Besides an excellent scientific development, doctoral researchers are also encouraged to develop overarching competencies and engage in public outreach activities to communicate their results to a broader audience.

Elements of the structured doctoral training at HZB are

  • the clarification of the prerequisites of doing a doctorate at HZB
  • the supervision committee and the regular progress reporting
  • clearly formulated aims and tasks for doctoral researchers and their advisors, as defined in the doctoral guidelines
  • measures for scientific and overarching  qualification

In order to gain an overview about the most relevant information needed while doing a doctorate at HZB and all offers that are available for doctoral researchers at HZB, the HZB Graduate Center carries out “welcome talks” with all new doctoral researchers and prepared a small checklist for advisors and doctoral researchers (see below).

Checklist for advisors and doctoral researchers