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HZB doctoral researchers (DR) portal

HZB doctoral researchers (DR) portal

What is it?

The DR portal is the central repository for all relevant information and documents of a doctorate and also serves as documentation and planning tool for the progress reporting process and a doctoral researcher's tasks and activities.

What are the benefits?

  • Overview of all relevant information of a DR, that must be validated regularly by DRs and his/her advisors
  • Up-to-date status of progress reporting to support planning and documentation
  • Replacement of the qualification plan in the progress report by the portal functionality “Qualification”, that gives an up-to-date overview of all of aDR’s planned and accomplished tasks and activities
  • Certification of all qualification measures entered in the portal, at the end of a doctorate (“Transcript of records”)
  • Facilitation of networking amongst colleagues (filter functionality within the short profiles display)

What do you have to do? What do you have to know?

  • Familiarize yourself with the portal:
    • There are four tabs: Doctoral researcher data, Supervision committee, Qualification, Progress reporting
    • Information and instructions for use are described at the top of each tab
  • Please validate all the information displayed in the portal. For information in fields that you want to edit, please contact graduate.center@helmholtz-berlin.de and describe the correction/entry to be made. DRs can make a few entries themselves.
  • The notification emails for the due progress reports and meetings are automatically generated and the due date calculated based on the start of a DR’s contract. In some cases this might mean, that the distance to the previous progress report (if it was not submitted exactly after six months) is less than 12 months. DR’s are requested to contact the HZB Graduate Center (graduate.center@helmholtz-berlin.de), in case the due date shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • Besides the DR, the main advisor, the head of the OE, the coordinator of the respective research division as well as the coordinators of the HZB Graduate Center have access to a DR’s information.
  • The short profile is only displayed in the intranet.
  • Entries to the short profile are made via the DRs portal (tab “DR data”)

Any questions?

The regular Q&A session for all your questions around the portal, the short profiles and beyond was terminated. If you have any question please contact us via: graduate.center@helmholtz-berlin.de