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HZB as an employer

Who we are

Aerial view BESSY II at night from euroluftbild.de/Robert Grahn - enlarged view

BESSY II, aerial photo Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen-Campus at night, © euroluftbild.de/Robert Grahn

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie bears its mission in its name: our scientists are researching new materials for an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply of the future. Our electron storage ring BESSY II is unique in its focus on soft X-rays. We have strong links with the universities of Berlin, and collaborate with experts from all over the world. We have two campuses in Berlin: one in Wannsee to the southwest and one in Adlershof to the southeast of the city centre.

Welcome to HZB

We feel it is important for our employees to have the best conditions for working and for developing professionally and personally – right from the word go. We therefore offer Welcoming Events and a Relocation Service for international new arrivals to help you find your way around HZB and get settled in quickly and off to a good start.

Equal opportunity

enlarged view

Scientists working at one of BESSY II's beamlines.

People of many different nationalities and cultures work together at HZB. We promote equal opportunities and support all employees in their development at all career stages and irrespective of origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, or gender. Together, we oppose any kind of discrimination.

Work/life balance

People work best when they have achieved a good work/life balance. Since 2007, HZB has been a bearer of the “Career and Family” certificate awarded by the non-profit Hertie Foundation. We support you with numerous services. Our Office for Work and Life, for example, can inform you about flexible worktimes and teleworking, or advise you personally on matters of child and dependent care.

Employee development

Your continuing professional development as an employee is a top priority for HZB. We offer many internal and external qualification opportunities and provide individual counselling on your career goals. As soon as you join HZB, you can assume responsibility for your own projects and, within the shortest possible time, you will be developing new ideas and putting them into practice. Further points of contact include the Postdoc Office and the Office for Doctoral Student Coordination.


Your health is important to us, which is why we offer many health promotion programmes. Our Occupational Health Management organises health days, for example, and is the direct contact for matters such as back and eye health. In our Sports Club, you can play sports and exercise (e.g. badminton, volleyball, Pilates, or yoga), simply have fun, or train for the German Sports Badge (Deutsche Sportabzeichen). Berlin’s company runs are another regular favourite of HZB employees.

enlarged view

Aerial photo Lise-Meitner Campus
© HZB/ Dirk Laubner