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Our offer

Our technology transfer team will help you coordinate our service with your research and innovation issues. To realize joint projects, we support the creation of tailor-made cooperations and partnerships. Contact us!


Routine measurements or advanced methods? Talk to us about your tasks. Send us your samples. With the expertise of our scientists and the world-class facilities and laboratories of our research center, we offer you excellent opportunities to characterize your materials. Even proprietary access is uncomplicated at HZB.

On-site access

Are you familiar with our measurement options? Use our facilities, instruments and laboratories for your research. As part of user agreements, we offer you the opportunity to come to the HZB to carry out your own experiments. Ask us about available equipment.

HZB Industry Partner World Map - enlarged view

Cooperation and partnerships worldwide in 2020: Europe 47 (in Germany 97), Asia 27, North America 11, South America 2, Africa 1


You would like to work on a topic with HZB in the longer term? We are happy about the industrial use of our facilities. Cooperation agreements can be used to achieve common goals. The ability to fund, for example, postgraduates and postdocs who are dedicated to your topic will allow you efficient access to our facilities over a longer period of time.

Research & Development

In projects, we act both as a full-fledged partner and as an expert in outsourced tasks. Help us develop new technologies or use our know-how and facilities to achieve your project goals. Together we combine our strengths in basic research with your practical applications for the (further) development of technologies and products.


Benefit from our inventions when developing new products. As part of our basic research, new technologies emerge, which you can use to increase your competitiveness. We are increasingly coming up with ideas that we want to bring to market maturity and commercialize with your help. Secure our patented know-how within the scope of licensing agreements.