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Projects for the future

In order to optimize materials for current and future applications and give them specific functions, we need basic knowledge. With the synchrotron radiation source BESSY II, we have a unique measuring facility. We are constantly approaching the limits of measurement. In order to better investigate catalytic reactions, for example, we are currently expanding many measuring stations (beamlines) and develop with the Variable Pulse Lengths Storage Ring technology (VSR) a basis for totally new options at BESSY II.


For many questions in photovoltaics or solar water splitting, highly specialized laboratories are needed in which samples can be synthesized and analyzed. The HZB has been investing massively in the development of such new laboratory infrastructures for many years.  

A decisive factor for Germany as a business and technology location is that there will continue to be a globally competitive synchrotron radiation source in the field of soft X-rays for industry and research in Germany in the future. For this reason, we are currently developing a concept for a successor source BESSY III, which will be optimally tailored to the needs of our own research, the research needs of our strategic partners (PTB, MPG, BAM and Berlin universities) and our guest researchers and users.

Projects for the future