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Department Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells

Research Topics

enlarged view

A heterojunction silicon cell provides the base for the tandem cell. A very thin layer of transparent tin dioxide was deposited on this bottom cell, followed by 500 nm of perovskite as well as 200 nm of spiro-OMeTAD hole-conductor material. Thin MoO3 serves as a protective layer between this hole conductor and the transparent top electrode of ITO. Image: S. Albrecht / HZB

New Materials and Device Designs

  • Band gap tuning
  • Enhancement of Voc (interface design)
  • Device design
  • Light trapping on front side (textured surface)

Long-term Stability

  • Investigate temporal stability under different testing conditions

Optimized Transparent Electrodes

  • Soft sputter-deposition
  • Suitable buffer layers

 Optimization of the Silicon Bottom-Cell

  • Optimize recombination contact
  • Effective light trapping on back side

Improved Optical Design by Modern Simulations

  • Optical 3D simulations