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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research

Photons from THz to X-rays

Our mission is "Science with Photons" and by purpose our research mainly foots on large scale facilities and in particular on using brilliant light as emitted from the BESSY II storage ring in Adlershof. Our facility provides tuneable light from the very far infrared (THz) spectral range at mm wavelengths and up to the Hard X-ray range at 0.1 nm wavelength covering a huge variety of scientific applications. In view of this broad spectral range together with the variable (even circular) polarization available from state-of-the-art undulators, as well as variable pulse lengths and ultimate spectral resolution, BESSY II is a jewel among the third generation lightsources worldwide and to date it is the only soft X–ray light source of the 3rd generation in Germany.