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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research

Experimental stations

CoESCACoincidence Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis at UE52-PGMDanilo Kühn
Ruslan Ovsyannikov
EDAXExcited states dynamics with x-rays at UE49-SGMSebastian Eckert
Lars Birger Mattis Fondell
Christian Weniger
FEMTOSPEX surface dynamicsExcited states dynamics with x-rays at UE56_1-PGMNomi Sorgenfrei
Erika Giangrisostomi
Robert Haverkamp
LowDosePESLow Dose Photoelectron Spectroscopy at PM4Erika Giangrisostomi
Ruslan Ovsyannikov
Nomi Sorgenfrei
Robert Haverkamp
METRIXSMomentum and Energy resolved RIXS at molecular Systems at U41-METRIXSAnnette Pietzsch
Thomas Blume
meV RIXSHigh-resolution RIXS of solids in the XUV regime at UE112-PGM-1Kari Ruotsalainen
Thomas Blume
nmTransmission NEXAFSSaturation free and time resolved soft X-ray absorption on liquids and colloids for UE52-SGMLars Birger Mattis Fondell
Christian Weniger
PM3 scatteringResonant Soft X-ray scattering, NEXAFS, Reflectometry at PM3Torsten Kachel
Niko Pontius
SolidFlexRIXSSolid state X-ray emission and NEXAFS with extended temperature range for open port useRégis Decker
Kari Ruotsalainen
Thomas Blume

Further instruments:

  • Femtoslicing Scattering
  • IR Spectrometer and Microscope
  • RIXS
  • Thz Spectroscopy / THz EPR
  • HHG Lab
  • Slicing Laser