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Experimental stations

CoESCACoincidence Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis at UE52-PGMDanilo Kühn
Ruslan Ovsyannikov
Artur Born
EDAXExcited states dynamics with x-rays at UE49-SGMAnnette Pietzsch
Lars Birger Mattis Fondell
Christian Weniger
Robby Büchner
FEMTOSPEX surface dynamicsExcited states dynamics with x-rays @ BESSY-VSR at UE56_1-PGMNomi Sorgenfrei
Erika Giangrisostomi
Robert Haverkamp
LowDosePESLow Dose Photoelectron Spectroscopy at PM4Erika Giangrisostomi
Ruslan Ovsyannikov
Nomi Sorgenfrei
Robert Haverkamp
METRIXSMomentum and Energy resolved RIXS at molecular Systems within HEMF at U41-METRIXSAnnette Pietzsch
Thomas Blume
meV RIXSSolid state meV low energy excitations with XUV RIXS at UE112-PGM-1Kari Ruotsalainen
Karl Bauer
Régis Decker
Thomas Blume
nmTransmission NEXAFSSaturation free and time resolved soft X-ray absorption on liquids and colloids for UE52-SGM and PM3Lars Birger Mattis Fondell
Rolf Mitzner
Christian Weniger
Robby Büchner
PM3 scatteringResonant Soft X-ray scattering, NEXAFS, Reflectometry at PM3Torsten Kachel
Niko Pontius
Resonant ScatteringResonant scattering for open port useChristian Schüßler-Langeheine
SolidFlexRIXSSolid state X-ray emission and NEXAFS with extended temperature range for open port useRégis Decker
Kari Ruotsalainen
Thomas Blume
Artur Born
THz spectroscopy & THz EPR sub mm wave / THz Spectroscopy THz Electron Paramagentic Resonance at THz BeamlineKarsten Holldack
Alexander Schnegg
Thomas Lohmiller

Further instruments:

  • Femtoslicing Scattering
  • IR Spectrometer and Microscope
  • RIXS
  • Thz Spectroscopy / THz EPR
  • HHG Lab
  • Slicing Laser