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Dynamic pathways in multidimensional landscapes of molecular and chemical systems

Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research: Materials and processes for energy and transport technologies

Dynamic pathways in multidimensional landscapes of molecular and chemical systems are crucial for “Energy Storage and Conversion” and “Solar Energy and hoto(electro)chemistry”.

With MML Synchrotron and FEL facilities we study excited state dynamics for reactions involving bond breaking and creation, electron and proton transfer, isomerisation, tautomerisation as well as long-range interactions from order-disorder transitions to solution complexation or hydrogenbonded networks. Conceptually, we learn how to stabilize reaction intermediates, govern reactivity and control selectivity in liquids and on long-range ordered matter for heterogeneous catalysis. Time-resolved, resonant and coincident photoelectron spectroscopy with novel angle resolved time of flight ArTOF analysers foot on the time structure of BESSY II and the BESSY VSR upgrade. Sub-natural linewidth resonant inelastic X-ray scattering at BESSY II (METRIXS) in combination with femtosecond time resolved RIXS at the Heisenberg limit at XFEL will lead to ground breaking insight within the hRIXS Helmholtz International Users consortium. Complementary theoretical investigations based on an initio descriptions of chemical dynamics and ground breaking work i.e. on non-linear X-ray matter interaction are conducted. We are strongly associated with Milestone ETT.4: “First results in determining the ultrafast structural and electronic dynamics of elemental steps in chemical reactions, photomechanics and energy conversion processes.”