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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research


Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research: Research on matter with brilliant light sources

Through the following measures, we will sustain BESSY II at the top level of synchrotron radiation facilities, strengthen energy and materials research at BESSY II through cutting-edge instrumentation. We will upgrade BESSY II with the unique variable pulse-length storage ring BESSY VSR for interlaced MHz sub-picosecond pulses and average brilliance. In particular we optimize the successful to top-up operation and fast orbit feedback phase I further and boost BESSY II versatility and user performance by a new high-stability/precision rf-system implementing phase II fast orbit feedback and realise user-transparent injection cycles (RF-System: 2015 / Phase II FOFB: 2016 / transparent injection: 2017). We will develop and implement a short period in-vacuum elliptical undulator UE30 for high brilliance and extended energy range to enable X-ray microscopy and METRIXS at higher energies (2017). We also supply continuous interlaced single bunch operation with 1.25 MHz repetition rate at dedicated soft X-ray beamlines in combination with high-performance angle resolved time of flight spectrometers (2016).  We will improve soft X-ray beamline transmission by one order of magnitude through the fielding of 2D/3D gratings with improved line density, line curvature and profile depth for advanced instrumentation for materials and energy science. (2017). To this end we establish a Nanometer Optics Development Centre to fabricate soft X-ray gratings (2015). We will strengthen energy and materials research at BESSY II through cutting-edge Instrumentation and enhance BESSY II user service by providing specialised sample environment for SR experiments (2016). We will also install a dedicated spectroscopy beamline to study energy-efficient optoelectronic and organic PV materials (2016) and exploit the BESSY II source and the “tender X-ray” region for energy research in dedicated beamlines such as EMIL, X-ray microscopy (2015 / 2018). To create freely accessible sub-picosecond pulses and average brilliance we upgrade BESSY II into the unique variable pulse-length storage ring BESSY VSR. Here we finalise the scientific and technical case for BESSYVSR, develop the required high current multi-cell cavity systems based on BERLinPro technology, and implement it (proposed Helmholtz strategic investment >15 Mio) (2015 / 2017 / 2019). As a successor to BESSY VSR, we will design a pioneering and internationally unique, science-driven next-generation multi-user synchrotron radiation source at HZB through a first conceptual design report for a source succeeding BESSY II (2019). Finally, we continue to operate in a science driven network and develop the careers of students, young scientists, and technical and engineering staff.