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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research

Workshops and Conferences

Cancelled due to Corona.

Beating the Complexity of Matter through the Selectivity of X-ray

Electronic structure, potential energy surfaces, and dynamic pathways

Young and Experienced Investigators Exchange Workshop 2020

22nd – 27th March 2020, Wittenberg

Please submit an abstract of your latest research and a short cv until Feb. 20th, 2020, at the latest to grunewald (at) helmholtz-berlin.de.

The 2020  workshop focuses on both experimental and theoretical projects: Adding the dimension of time to the selectivity of X-rays is bringing new impetus to many longstanding scientific questions. The ability to distinguish atomic constituents and their properties, to capture transient states of matter, and to follow electronic and structural dynamics on elemental time and length scales, gives a fresh look at functionality. In particular, the coupling of different degrees of freedom, dynamic pathways in multidimensional landscapes are addressed in relation to chemical dynamics. We intentionally cross the boundaries of physics, chemistry, and materials science and focus on the unifying aspects of function in the light of X-ray matter interaction – with implications from fundamentals to experimental approaches.

We encourage especially PhD student and postdoctoral investigators to apply for the Wittenberg workshop. Successful applicants will present and discuss their research results in an informal atmosphere. Each participant is requested to give a talk (duration: 15 + 5).