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Department Locally-Sensitive & Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

Infrared Group

The infrared group is focusing on the investigation of new functional materials particularly those of importance to renewable energy sources and light driven water oxidation as well as electro-catalysis. Our interest is to understand, at the molecular level, what is responsible for the stability and efficiency of such processes by following the interplay and the dynamics of the ionomer-catalysts systems using state-of-the-art synchrotron high spatial resolution, in operando and time resolved THz and infrared methods.

The infrared group is operating the infrared beamline IRIS and its end stations and provides support to external and internal users. High brilliance infrared radiation allows for high lateral resolution microspectroscopy measurements in the mid infrared spectral range whereas the significantly improved photon flux particularly in the low alpha-coherent synchrotron radiation benefits the far infrared/Thz region. The users applications encompass a wide range of samples and scientific fields spanning from life and material sciences to solid-state physics.

In addition, the group is working on developing new and upgrading already available methods and end stations in far infrared/THz regions to best benefit from the unique combination of high photon flux and small analytical spot size over a broad infrared spectral region

Infrared Group