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Institute Applied Materials


On the basis of the different probes (neutrons, synchrotron radiation, x-rays, electrons) available at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, the Insitute for Applied Materials develops a variety of analytic methods for materials characterization from macroscopic down to atomic dimensions. The complementarity of both, probes and methods does not only refer to their sensitivity on different length scales but also to the nature of the gathered information. So, the combined application of 'direct' imaging techniques an 'indirect' integrating diffraction and scattering methods provides deep insights into the material structure. The methods are offered at lage scale and laboratory facilities within the context of user service to the materials science community at universities and in industry as well as for in-house research activities.



Diffraktion & spectroscopy




Neutron imaging   X-ray diffraction   Thermoanalysis
     Synchrotron x-ray imaging
  Positron annihilation
  Surface Hardness Laboratory
X-ray tomography        

White beam tomography
and fast radiography

Analysis of image data