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Information for Participants

  • There will be five participants presentations and informal discussions taking place on
    • Tuesday, 23rd March from 16.30 to 17.30 CET
    • Wednesday, 24th March from 17.00-17.45 CET
    • Thursday, 25th March from 16.30-17.30 CET
    • Friday, 26th March from 16.30-17.30 CET
    • Monday, 29th March from 09.00-10.30 CET

Introduction of Participants

Contact for introduction posters: pschool-posters@helmholtz-berlin.de

Presentation and informal discussions

Please read carefully!

  • During your session, you will have to hold a flash talk of max. 3 minutes. Everyone will like to get to know you a bit better.
  • About yourself
    • What is your career stage? In which field? If you have a research focus, please share it with us.
    • Are you experienced with synchrotron/s or X-ray techniques?
    • If you want to share some personal interests or hobbies, we are happy to hear about them.
    • Brief bullet points are recommended. Minimum font size 14. Please favor images over text. Pictures are most welcome.
  • Your motivation to attend this school
    • Which topics/techniques are more relevant/interesting for you?
    • Please remember, you will have only 3 minutes to present.
  • How did you become aware of this school(s)
  • The sessions will be run with BigBlueButton.
  • We ask you to be present in the session room 15 min prior the beginning of the session in order to make sure that
    - you will be on time for your presentation.
    - you can enter the session room.
  • Please give a sign to the moderator when you enter the room so they know you are connected.
    !!! If you are not present at your speaking time, we will have to move on with the next speaker!!!
  • Please use a headset, as this will significantly improve the audio signal for all participants.
  • All flash talks will be live (no recordings).
  • The organizers will not record the session and this option is not available in the tool for the audience either.
  • Q&As and discussions will take place (during and after the sessions) in the the same room.

Security Advice

Since we cannot avoid screenshots or downloads of your poster from the website or during the presentation, we strongly recommend to protect your poster. You can find instructions here: how to protect your PDF.