User Meeting 2014 - Postersubmission

Please use the following form to submit your Poster Contributions to the Joint BER II and BESSY II Users Meeting.

The authors list has to be provided in the format Lastname I, Lastname I, ...... where "I" is standing for Initials. Please select the category of your poster contribution according to the classification scheme given by the HZB Scientific Colleges.

The abstract should give a concise summary of the contribution and is limited to 400 characters.  Abstracts exceeding the limited length will not be included in the poster list or will be truncated.

The poster boards are 1.2m wide and 0.94m high (for DIN A0 landscape!). The display boards are prepared for DIN A4 handouts. We would like to keep your posters for a presentation over the whole year 2014.

Deadline for poster submission is November 20, 2014.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.