BESSY II Experimental stations

Fixed stations

Station ( in operation)MethodsBeamline(s)Contact
BAMline station Nondestructive testing in analytical chemistry
NEXAFS, myXRF, XRF, X-ray TomographyBAMline
Bernd R. Müller
XPS, UPS, Angular-resolved PESUE52_PGM CoESCATorsten Leitner
Ieva Bidermane
friendly user
Daniel Többens
CXS Coherent X-ray Scattering Endstation
UE49_SGMWolfgang-Dietrich Engel
EDDI Energy Dispersive Diffraction
Crystallography (material sciences)7T-MPW-EDDIManuela Klaus
Christoph Genzel
Francisco Garcia-Moreno
HE SGM Station HE SGM Station
High-Field Diffractometer Endstation for Dichroic Soft X-ray Absorption and Scattering Experiments in High Magnetic Fields
XMLD, XMCD, REXS, Magnetic ScatteringUE46_PGM-1Eugen Weschke
Enrico Schierle
IR-Spectroscopy and Microscopy THz/IR-spectroscopy and -microscopy
IR Spectroscopy, Reflectometry, Polarimetry, Ellipsometry, THz-near-field Microscopy, IR MicroscopyIRISUlrich Schade
Ljiljana Puskar
ISISS station NAP-HE-XPSInnovative Station for In Situ Spectroscopy
NEXAFS, XPSISISSMichael Hävecker
KMC-2 Diffraction KMC-2 Diffraction
Reflectometry, Single Crystal Diffraction, Crystallography (material sciences), Surface Diffraction, Powder Diffraction, WAXSKMC-2Daniel Többens
NEXAFS, XMCD, X-ray Microscopy, Photoelectron EMUE56-1_SGM
LowDosePES LowDosePES
EXAFS, NEXAFS, Angular-resolved PES, XPS, UPSPM4Erika Giangrisostomi
Time-resolved studies, NEXAFS, XMCD, EXAFS, XRF, Photoelectron EM, X-ray Microscopy, XPSUE46_MAXYMUS

Michael Bechtel
MX-14-1 Macromolecular Crystallography 14.1
Crystallography (biological macromolecules)MX 14.1Manfred Weiss

Karine Röwer
MX-14-2 Macromolecular Crystallography 14.2
Crystallography (biological macromolecules)MX 14.2Manfred Weiss

Karine Röwer
MX-14-3 Macromolecular Crystallography 14.3
Crystallography (biological macromolecules)MX 14.3Manfred Weiss

Karine Röwer
RIXSUE49_SGMAnnette Pietzsch
mySpot mySpot experimentMicro-XANES, -EXAFS, -fluorescence
NEXAFS, EXAFS, myXRF, XRF, WAXS, SAXSmySpot BeamlineIvo Zizak
NanoclusterTrap NanoclusterTrap
XMCD, NEXAFSUE52_PGM Nano cluster trapTobias Lau
ARPES One-Cube 1^3-ARPES ultra high resolution photoemission station
XPS, UPS, Angular-resolved PESUE112_PGM-2b-1^3
ARPES One-Square 1^2 ARPES ultra high resolution photoemission station
UPS, Angular-resolved PES, XPSUE112_PGM-2a-1^2Andrei Varykhalov
PEAXIS Combined RIXS and XPS
Jie Xiao
PHARAO X-ray diffraction during MBE
Surface DiffractionU125-2_KMC
PM3 - scattering chamber PM3 - scattering chamber
Torsten Kachel
Reflectometer Reflectometry Station
ReflectometryOptics Beamline Franz Schäfers
Andrey Sokolov
RGL-PES Russian German Photoemission Station
RGBL Dipole
SMART Spectro-Microscopy with aberration correction for relevant techniques
NEXAFS, XMCD, Surface Diffraction, Photoelectron EM, X-ray Microscopy, XPS, UPSUE49_PGM SMARTThomas Schmidt

SPEEM Spin resolved Photoemission Microscope
XMLD, NEXAFS, XMCD, Time-resolved studies, Photoelectron EM, X-ray Microscopy, Spin-resovled PES, XPSUE49_PGM SPEEMFlorian Kronast
Sergio Valencia Molina
THz spectroscopy & THz EPR sub mm wave / THz Spectroscopy
THz Electron Paramagentic Resonance
Time-resolved studies, IR SpectroscopyTHz-BeamlineKarsten Holldack
PM2-VEKMAGFlorin Radu
Hanjo Ryll

XM - X-ray Microscopy X-ray Microscopy
NEXAFS, X-ray Tomography, X-ray MicroscopyU41-TXMPeter Guttmann
Stephan Werner
XUV Diffractometer XUV Diffractometer for Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering
Reflectometry, Single Crystal Diffraction, REXS, Magnetic ScatteringUE46_PGM-1Eugen Weschke
Enrico Schierle
X-Ray Pump Probe (XPP) X-Ray Pump Probe (XPP)
Time-resolved studiesKMC-3 XPPPeter Gaal

Flexible Stations

Station ( in operation)MethodsBeamline(s)Contact
EXAFS, NEXAFS, XMCD, XPSUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3Florin Radu
CISSY CIS - diagnostic using Synchrotron radiation
EXAFS, NEXAFS, XRF, XPS, UPSUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3Iver Lauermann
FEMTOSPEX-Magnetism Femto-Second-Pump-Probe
NEXAFS, XMCD, XMLD, Time-resolved studiesUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_ZPM, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3Christian Schüßler-Langeheine
FEMTOSPEX Molecules and Surfaces FEMTOSPEX Molecules and Surfaces
XMLD, Time-resolved studies, NEXAFS, XMCD, EXAFS, Angular-resolved PES, XPS, UPSUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_ZPM, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U125-2_NIM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3Florian Sorgenfrei
Danilo Kühn
Mike Sperling
FEMTOSPEX-Scattering FEMTOSPEX-Scattering
NEXAFS, XMCD, XMLD, Time-resolved studies, Reflectometry, Single Crystal Diffraction, Surface Diffraction, REXS, Magnetic ScatteringUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_ZPM, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3Niko Pontius
HIKE HIKEHigh Kinetic Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopy
NEXAFS, EXAFS, XRF, XPSKMC-1Roberto Felix Duarte
Marcus Bär
LiquidFlexRIXS RIXS endstation for molecular systems
Time-resolved studies, NEXAFS, RIXSUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1Annette Pietzsch
LiquidJet PES Soft X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
EXAFS, NEXAFS, XPSUE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1Robert Seidel
Ronny Golnak
LIQUIDROME Liquids and degassing samples equipment
NEXAFS, XRF, XPSU49-2_PGM-1Emad Flear Aziz
Jie Xiao
LIXedrom XES, XAS, RIXS, micro-jet station
NEXAFS, REXS, RIXSUE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1Marc Tesch
Ronny Golnak
PHOENEXS (Spin Resolved) Photoemission and Near Edge X-ray Station
XPS, Spin-resovled PESUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1Andrei Varykhalov
PolarimetryUE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1Franz Schäfers
Andrey Sokolov
Marcel Mertin
Resonant Scattering Resonant scattering
XMLD, Time-resolved studies, EXAFS, NEXAFS, XMCD, Reflectometry, Single Crystal Diffraction, Surface Diffraction, REXS, WAXS, Magnetic ScatteringUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_ZPM, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3, KMC-1Christian Schüßler-Langeheine
RGBL-2 Russian German Station 2
EXAFS, NEXAFS, Spin-resovled PES, XPS, UPSU125-2_RGBL Undulator, UE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE52_SGM, U125-2_NIM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3
SAMIC-ASAM Spectroscopy And Microscopy Integrating Chamber / Analytical Spectroscopy And Microscopy
Small Reflectometer Small Reflectometer
ReflectometryU125-2_NIM, KMC-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1Andrey Sokolov
Franz Schäfers
So-Li-AS Solid Liquid Analysis System
XPS, UPSUE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3
SolidFlexRIXS RIXS endstation for molecular systems
NEXAFS, Time-resolved studies, RIXSUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1
SOL³PES Liquid Jet Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy
NEXAFS, XPS, Angular-resolved PESUE52_SGM, U49-2_PGM-1Emad Flear Aziz
Ronny Golnak
TOF-PES Magnetic Bottle Time of Flight - PES Set-up
Only Single Bunch
XPSU49-2_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1Robert Seidel
Toroid Analyzer Toroid Analyzer
(users please contact the station manager before application)
Angular-resolved PES, UPSUE112_PGM-1, U125-2_NIM
Transmission NEXAFS nm liquid film Absorption
NEXAFS, XMCD, Time-resolved studies, EXAFSUE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_ZPM, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U125-2_NIM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3Lars Birger Mattis Fondell
UVIS protein circular dichroism spectroscopy
Time-resolved studies, UVCDPeter Baumgärtel