HZB passed the scientific evaluations successfully

The review panel of the research field "Matter" visited the HZB on 11th January 2018.

The review panel of the research field "Matter" visited the HZB on 11th January 2018.

In January 2018, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin was evaluated in the scope of the Helmholtz Association’s programme-oriented funding (POF) review in the two research fields of “Matter” and “Energy”. The members of the review panels were internationally experienced scientists. From what we have already heard back from the review panels, the research achievements of HZB in both research fields were presented very convincingly.

“Many colleagues have just been through a tough few weeks or months in preparation for the scientific reviews. The reviewers explicitly praised the great dedication and team spirit of those involved. I would also personally like to thank you all for this,” says Bernd Rech, acting Scientific Director of HZB. Commercial Director Thomas Frederking adds: “For their support I, too, would like to thank the scientists and the staff from Administration and Infrastructure, who were instrumental in ensuring the review went so smoothly.”

In the discussions, it was attested that there are indeed outstanding experts, facilities and infrastructures at HZB. This combination allows HZB to do exciting science in significant research fields with worldwide recognition. 

We expect to receive the written reports from the scientific review within the coming weeks. These will present specific recommendations on how to set up HZB in the individual research programmes. HZB will then implement these over the coming months in preparation for the 4th programme-oriented funding period (POF IV) and in preparation for the corresponding POF IV programme suggestions.

Outlook for the strategic review in the context of POF  

Preparation for POF IV is a multistage process: scientific review of the centres is one stage, which HZB has now been through. Another stage is the strategic evaluation of the future programmes at the research field level.

That is why the preparations for organising HZB within POF IV already began concurrently to the scientific review. “Together with its partners in the research fields, HZB has to position itself by the end of the year under consideration of the recommendations from the scientific review, and decide in what form it will play a part in which POF IV programmes,” says Olaf Schwarzkopf, the head of the “Research Programmes and Funding” section.

What is evaluated in the strategic reviews?

The focus of the strategic evaluation is on the programme proposals prepared for each successive funding period in terms of the research policy objectives. To what extent do they address the challenges, formulate objectives to solve these challenges, and indicate ways to achieve these objectives? How do the centres combine their expertise and incorporate the recommendations of the scientific evaluation? And in what way does a programme contribute towards implementing the strategy of the area of research?

International and independent experts create reports that cover the results of the scientific evaluation. These form the basis for the Helmholtz Senate's recommendation on the extent to which the federal government and the federal states should fund the research programmes and how the funding should be apportioned.

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