BESSY II – New kitchen for users and employees

BESSY II - New kitchen and break area. [Photo: HZB/P. Dera]

BESSY II - New kitchen and break area. [Photo: HZB/P. Dera]

At the start of 2018, we were all greeted with a new kitchen and break area on the first floor of BESSY II, in Adlershof. The final touches have now been put in place and the kitchen is in full use.

The new area sports a sleek, white, long working area complete with plenty of storage space in silent, click-in drawers. The now open kitchen and break area allow more natural light in and are extremely inviting for a well-deserved coffee break during intensive beamtimes.

There was the addition of two fridges and one freezer to support users and staff. A two-plate induction stove and appropriate cooking equipment are available. An industrial-style microwave oven works fast to make everyone’s meal warm on time and a state-of-the-art coffee machine ensures the right levels of caffeine are reached to properly support all experiments. Espresso, cappuccino, long coffee, and extra-sweet hot chocolate at a click of a button.

An ultra-fast dishwasher, with three set programmes lasting 30, 60 and 120 seconds, helps keep the new shiny cutlery and kitchenware in perfect condition. There is also a thirst-quenching system providing room-temperature and cold water.

The break area will also get a make-over in the future, when the terrace-style tables and chairs are replaced by furniture matching the new kitchen look. Excited to see it? We are as well.

Enjoy the coffee and the break, and best of luck with your experiments!