Future Meetings

4th PECSYS Consortium Meeting

  • Meeting Day: 28th-29th May 2018
  • Location: Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Impressions 3rd Meeting

Shown are some impressions of our 3rd PECSYS consortium Meeting which was hosted by CNR in the Enel Innovation lab and the 3Sun Location in Catania, Italy.

Past Meetings

3rd PECSYS Consortium Meeting

  • Meeting Day: 16th - 17th November 2017
  • Location: Catania, Italy


Shown are impressions of the 2nd PECSYS Meeting in Uppsala from the Meeting room, the welcome dinner and the lab tour.

2nd PECSYS Consortium Meeting

  • Meeting day: 12th May 2017
  • Location: Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

PECSYS project partner at the kick-off meeting

Scientists from all participating organisations together with the project officers from FCH2 JU met in January 2017 to start off the project. Credit: HZB/J. Bierbaum

PECSYS Kick-Off Meeting

  • Meeting day: 18th January 2017
  • Location: Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany