Research programme

The Helmholtz Association contributes to solving grand challenges which face society, science and industry by performing top-rate research in strategic programmes in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Earth and Environment, Energy, Health, Key Technologies as well as Matter.

The 18 Helmholtz Centres explore systems of great complexity with of large-scale facilities and scientific infrastructure, cooperating closely with national and international partners and contribute to shaping our future by combining research and technology development with perspectives for innovative applications and provisions for tomorrow's world.

During the POF III funding period, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin will be involved in a total of six programmes as part of the Helmholtz research fields “Energy” and “Matter.”


The mission of the Research Field MATTER is to enhance our understanding of matter and materials in order to face the grand challenges of our society. The Helmholtz Centers of the Research Field will further expand our knowledge base on the structure and function of matter, which is a prerequisite for the controlled design of tailored materials and drugs for tomorrow. In the coming years the research and development activities of the Helmholtz Centers that collaborate within the Research Field MATTER have to cope with several urgent problems, which range from our fundamental understanding of matter and the universe to our ability to control matter and materials down to the level of electrons and spins.

The Helmholtz Centers contributing to the Research Field MATTER will continue their efforts to conduct own research as well as the construction and operation of Helmholtz Large-Scale Facilities. The modern research facilities support leading-edge research and its transfer to society ranging from physics, chemistry, biology to materials science and medicine. They are high-tech platforms which drive technology, attract scientists from all over the world and offer unique interdisciplinary and scientifically challenging environments for young researchers.

HZB contributes to two research programmes in the research field MATTER

Contributing Helmholz Centres: DESY, FZJ, GSI, HZB, HZDR, HZG, KIT