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September 2016 - The Tagesspiegel reports on "raw diamonds in the sunlight": in the prestigeous ERC funded DIACAT project scientists aim at constructing the prototype of a solar fuel reactor built from miniature diamonds that shall split carbondiaoxide. The Institute of Methods for Materials Development led by the Free University professor Emad Aziz is involved by observing the reaction with optical techniques in real time.


August 2016 - We welcome the PhD student Axel Molle who will investigate ultrafast, long-range energy transfer processes in atomic and molecular clusters with theoretical methods


July 2016 - Visit from Cuba: the guest professors Aliezer Martínez-Mesa and Llinersy Uranga-Piña from the University of Havana join the theory group for two month to initiate a cooperation on the interplay of metal nanoparticles and quantum dots. The visit of Annika Bande in Cuba will follow next spring.


July 2016 - Freigeist squared: Annika Bande successfully aquired an extension to her Freigeist fellowship for a PhD student to connect to the Freigeist project of Tristan Petit. Together with the PhD candidate Fabian Weber they will look at electron transfer processes between graphene oxide quantum dots and their environment.


July 2016 - Physik-Professor Emad Aziz in Australien geehrt: Professor der Freien Universität und des Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin erhält eine Ehrenprofessur der Monash University in Melbourne. Presseinformation FU Berlin

March 2016 - Tristan won the early career best presentation award at the nanodiamonds symposium of the MRS Spring Meeting 2016 in Phoenix, USA for his work on surface-dependent hydration of nanodiamonds!!

March 2016 - Jian Ren started his PhD on carbon-based photocatalysts beginning of March 2016. Welcome to the group!!

January 2016 - Our work on the PORPHDYN project was reported by a press article Diamonds could help slow climate change published on Horizon magazine, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Magazine.

October 2015 - Fabian Weber started his theoretical PhD thesis on energy and electron transfer processes in neutral quantum dots. Welcome and good luck!

September 2015 - Welcome to Dr. Franziska Buchner and Sneha Choudhury who recently joined the group to work on the DIACAT project.

August 2015 - Concept manuscript about PEAXIS end-station is accepted and can be downloaded. Lieutenant, K., Hofmann, T., Schulz, C., Yablonskikh, M. V., Habicht, K., & Aziz, E. F. (2015). Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 1–12. doi:10.1016/j.elspec.2015.08.009

Mentoring Auftaktveranstaltung "In Führung gehen", 2010. Bild: Helmholtz / Gundula Krause

May 2015 - Annika Bande has been selected as participant from HZB for the Helmholtz Mentoring Program "Taking The Lead".

November 2014 - Our PEAXIS collaboration in progress

Dr. Annika Bande

Freigeist-Fellowship 2014. Dr. Annika Bande, Universität Heidelberg, Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut

October 2014 - Dr. Annika Bande recently joined our institute becoming one of the Volkswagen Foundation's Freigeist Fellows.


July 2014 - Australian top-chemist Prof. Dr. Leone Spiccia gains Helmholtz International Fellowship to visit our group.

Emad Aziz

May 2014 - Emad Aziz receives Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein-Award.

Steve Cramer

December 2013 - Humboldt Research Award brings Stephen P. Cramer to Group Aziz.

Tristan Petit

May 2013 - Dr. Tristan Petit is joining the Team Aziz as a Humbolt Foundation Fellow for two years. Click to see HZB or FU press release.


March 2013 - Wilhelm-Ostwald-Nachwuchspreis 2012 for Kathrin M. Lange. Click for more...

Kaan Atak

January 2013 - Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship for Kaan Atak. Click for more...

August 2012 - Opening of the Joint Ultrafast Dynamics Lab in Solutions and at Interfaces. Click to see HZB or FU press release.

Emad Aziz

May 2011 - Karl Scheel Preis for Emad Aziz: DOI: 10.1002/anie.201105452. Click to see HZB, FU or PGZB press release.