Joint Research Groups

Name Universität HZB
Prof. Dr. Matias Bargheer Universität Potsdam Ultrafast Dynamics
Prof. Dr. Norbert Koch Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Molecular Systems
Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG und Technische Universität Berlin Catalysis for Energy
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Treimer Beuth-Hochschule Berlin Neutron Tomography
Prof. Dr. Stefan Eisebitt Technische Universität Berlin Functional Nanomaterials


Helmholtz Joint Research Groups

  • Control of non-linear phase space dilution and beam loss in an energy recovery linac: the way to short high intensity and low emittance electron bunches
    Head: Prof. A. Matveenko
  • Helmholtz Russia Joint Research Groups: Topological surface states under the influence of the exchange interaction
    Andrej Varykhalov / Oliver Rader