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The Blog www.energymaterials.hzbblog.de is a place, where we mention nice papers of HZB scientists, too specialized for the mass media, but really interesting for colleagues and experts. We also might link to relevant articles in science journals and we would be glad if you want to contribute to this blog.

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  • 14. 12 2017

    Risky research: PhD students under pressure

    Altmetrics just published the list of the top 100 scientific articles of 2017, which attracted the most online attention. None of the articles in the top 100 is dealing with materials research. Nevertheless, already the second most spread article is concerning us as well: It is a study on mental health of PhD students. The paper was spread more than 7000 times by twitter, posted 117 times on facebook and quoted in more than 20 online-articles. And it is giving food for thought: Every third PhD suffering seriously According to the study “Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students”, published in Research Policy,Read More →Der Beitrag Risky research: PhD stud [...].
  • 11. 12 2017

    Photovoltaics: longer lifetimes for perovskite absorbers

    An international team of scientists  has greatly improved the stability of organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites. These materials have enormous potential for photovoltaic applications, but still suffer from relatively short device lifetimes. Guanidinium replaces some traditional cations The scientists, led by researchers from the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, incorporated a large organic cation ? guanidinium ? into the perovskite crystal structure, partly replacing the methylammonium and formamidinium cations used traditionally. Conversion efficiency 19 % Overall, the new material delivered average power conversion efficiencies of over 19%, and increased  operation to 1,000?h [...].
  • 04. 12 2017

    Scientists investigate a new class of nanofiber with helium ion microscope

    At HZB we often have interesting guests from abroad – and with challenging topics. I met two of them, Vitaly Datsyuk and Svitlana Trotsenko, on a sunny autumn day. The first time Vitaly and Svitlana came to HZB in Wannsee, they were stopped at the gate. Both scientists work in the Physics Department of Freie Universität Berlin on a Ukrainian passport. But because the requisite application as required by the Foreign Trade and Payments Act hadn?t gone through, the two had to leave empty handed. And yet, this minor hiccup did not stop them from returning. In fact now, once a month, they are regularRead More →Der Beitrag Scientists investigate a new class of nanofiber with helium ion [...].