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This school is primarily aimed at advanced students who have completed their Bachelor degree in physical, engineering and life sciences, and early stage researchers, e.g., PhD students and postdocs. The course is part of the curriculum of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences at the Technical University Berlin.

Division - Energy Materials

FIBiB2017 is dedicated to focused ion beam based technologies for applications in sample preparation, sample investigation and nanopatterning. The workshop will gather scientists and technicians for mutual exchange of knowledge and will provide a platform for those interested in FIB technologies without previous expertise.
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External events

Melden Sie sich an zu zahlreichen Exkursionen, Thementouren, Veranstaltungen oder Workshops im Rahmen der Aktionswoche "Berlin spart Energie" 2017, die in ganz Berlin wieder die Energiewende der Hauptstadt dokumentiert. Eingeladen sind Fachleute aller Disziplinen sowie die interessierte Zivilgesellschaft, um eine Woche lang zu lernen, zu diskutieren und das eigene Netzwerk auszubauen.

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